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Cup Application – County FA Mandate

County FA Mandate

1) District Football Associations cannot mandate any team whatsoever to play in their competition.
2) If a team(s) wish to participate in a District Football Associations cup competition and their parent District Football Association doesn’t provide a competition at their specific age group (single age banding), the team is permitted to apply to play in a neighbouring District Football  Association competition.
3) The accepting District Football Association is not compelled to accept any team (parented or otherwise) into their competitions.

The local agreements are

1) District Football Associations shall only accept teams into their District Football Association competitions that are from within their own district, unless
a) Teams have applied from neighbouring District Football Associations that do not provide a competition at their specific age group (single age banding) – it is incumbent on the accepting District Football Association to determine that the parent District Football Association does not indeed offer a suitable competition.
b) Teams who apply have sought consent from their own District Football Association. This is a courtesy matter but should not preclude the team from being accepted.

2) Leeds & District FA rule:
Teams shall be eligible to enter this competition subject to the following clause:
a) Applications from teams from other District Football Associations where said District Football Association does not provide a suitable competition (i.e. a competition at their specific age group) will be considered for entry.
b) Point 3 of County FA Mandate applies.