Playing Fields

This section of our website is dedicated to providing you with useful information on the hire of Leeds City Council football pitches and changing rooms.
Applications for seasonal and casual football pitch hire (5 v5, 7 v 7, 9 v 9 and 11 v 11) and changing room lettings can be submitted here.
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Pitch Application, Allocation Process & Timeframe

These dates are approximate, may vary slightly between seasons, and depend on LDFA Officials availabilities.

1st April: Online application open.

15th June: Deadline to receive form of clubs who are entitled priority allocation.

1st July: Allocations emailed out to all clubs.

15th July: Deadline for clubs to confirm allocations are correct, request corrections, and return payment agreement form.

1st August: Final allocations emailed out the all Leagues and Leeds City Council.

1st September: Invoices emailed out to all clubs.

Who To Contact

Please contact the appropriate people based on your requirements.

Pitch application / reallocation (LDFA): 
Any issue with applying for a pitch, amending pitch allocation, or if you need reallocating because of poor pitch condition.
Casual hires

Pitch maintenance (LCC):
If your pitch / changing rooms need maintaining following damage, or if you need to discuss sites layouts for the coming season

Invoicing (LDFA):
Any issue with your invoices, payment deadline, or if you believe you are entitled to a rebate

Pitch Application Form & Documents

Click on the button below to view documentation relating to the pitch application process.

Click on the button below to submit a cup application form.

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